How long will the film last?

If taken care of properly, it will out last your home.

How do you clean the windows?

With the patented CDF system, any household cleaner can be used to clean your windows.

Will it ruin my view?

Most residential window films are very lightly tinted. It is not the color that offers the protection, but the film properties that perform most of the work

Will the film look dark or shiny?

It depends on the window film grade that you choose. We offer films from clear to slightly noticeable.

What causes fading?

Four things cause fading: 40% direct UV light; 25% heat; 25% visible daylight; 10% miscellaneous.

Will film kill my houseplants?

No, the plants will look sad for a few days, but in most cases the plants will bounce back.

Am I getting the best?

Yes, Vista and Llumar dealers have the exclusive patented CDF system. This system ensures superior clarity and longevity of adhesion, versus all competitors that use pressure sensitive adhesives.